Fort Sarbinowo
The fort was built between 1883–89 such as the one situated on the eastern side of the Oder river in Gorgast. Fort Sarbinowo was supposed to control the northern hills of Kostrzyn. Due to the fast development of artillery techniques though, the military value of the fort was gradually diminishing.

Fort Sarbinowo was built between 1883-1889, in parallel with Fort Gorgast erected on the western side of the Oder. Its purpose was to control the hills over Kostrzyn from the north, however, due to the rapid development of artillery technologies, its military value decreased. During the Great War it housed the POW camp. Afterwards, it was a transit camp for optants– refugees of German nationality leaving the boundaries of the newly formed Polish Republic. During World War II, a branch of the Słońsk munitions factory operated here. Shortly after the war, some rooms in the fort were used to detonate unexploded shells, which had a catastrophic effect on its conservation status. Fortunately, this affected only a small part of the building. Despite the damage, the fort is still the most impressive one of the Kostrzyn Fortress, due to its still impressive enormity and the variety of functions of its individual components. Enthusiasts of old fortifications may refer to the details provided below on the structure and function of the facilities that make up Fort Sarbinowo. Most of them can still be easily located.
Kostrzyn nad Odrą
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