Czarnowska Hillock
From the fort, make your way in the direction of the village Żabice and through Czarnów get to Czarnowska Górka. Stop about 100 meters before the junction with the main road 22, on a slight bend to the right. From the outside of the curve of the road, on the left (north) side, a small path leaves into the forest. After almost 100 meters it reaches a former ammunition depot (gunpowder warehouse). Inside, you will see stalactites and stalagmites, resulting from the precipitation of calcium, the large amounts of which are to be found in the concrete ceiling.
Return the same way. On the hill Czarnowska Górka there are also two large, heavily eroded infantry shelters to be found. They are located about 800 m east of the munitions warehouse. Unfortunately there are no paths leading towards them, hence their exploration may be challenging. However, for those interested in the topic, they will be an amazing discovery. An additional incentive could be the fact that the forest in which they are located is small and surrounded by roads and fields of Czarnów, therefore, there is no risk of getting lost.
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