Pumping station in Warniki
This water safety facility is beautifully integrated into the Warta river meadows. The pumping station is from 1911. Before the engines were replaced from steam to electric ones, which took place in the 1960s, the station used even more than a dozen tons of coal per day during high water levels in Warta. In such cases, its service would involve many of the people from the area.

The purpose of the station is to transport water when its free drainage by gravity is not possible. It drains the area beyond flood banks – the former floodplain area, now separated from the river. The elevation of this area is very low, which significantly hinders the outflow of rainwater. To make it fully exploitable economically for fields, meadows and inhabitable terrain, it was necessary to create a complex drainage system. The water is drained into dikes, transported to canals and collected in one main canal (e.g. Kanał Maszówek), that transports it to the flood area between two flood embankments. When the water level in the flood area is lower than the one in the main canal, the water drains automatically, however, if it is higher, the water gates need to be closed and the water gets drained thanks to the operation of the pumping station.

The area drained by the pumping station Warniki is extensive, consisting of lowland meadows stretching eastward to Witnica. The water body that receives the water mass is Warta flowing between the embankments. Thanks to the work of the pumping station it is possible to maintain stable water conditions in the soil and on its surface, necessary for the agricultural use of the land and its suitability for human habitation. A few years ago, the historical station was replaced by the so-called new pumping station, located deep in the detention basin, ca. one kilometer to the east. Access to the facility is made easier by the fact that it is visible from the road running through the district of Warniki.

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