The reserve Bogdanieckie Grądy
The reserve Bogdanieckie Grądy is situated in the commune Bogdaniec between Witnica and Gorzów Wielkopolski and it was set up in 1974 as „Bogdaniec II". The current name of the Reserve was officially accepted in 2011. The area of the reserve is 39,94 ha and its primary function is to protect the so called “grąd środkowoeuropejski” (a central Europe hornbeam) –a deciduous forest dominated by mainly oaks and hornbeams growing there.
The Reserve sightseeing should be started in front of the forester’s house in Nowiny. Access is possible via a gravel road, leaving North from the road 132 between Witnica and Bogdaniec, ca. 100 m East of Motylewo. At the stat of a gravel road, there is a clearly visible sign with a red background, informing about the border of a Natura 2000 site. Near the forester’s house (about 500 meters away from the road 132) there is a small car park from which the reserve is only a few hundred meters away.
It is recommended to leave the car in the parking area and walk straight ahead down the gravel road. After a few dozen steps one should take the first turn to the right. The road climbs upward and then splits thus it is advisable to follow the main road with a slight curve to the left until reaching the information board about the reserve Bogdanieckie Grądy.
There shall be a road behind the sign running along the ridge of the hill taking which shall allow exploring highly picturesque ravines and steep slopes covered with a magnificent oak wood. The walk shall take 1–2 hours. The return way is the same.
The next stop on the way shall be a visit in the nature reserve Las Morenowy (formerly Bogdaniec I).
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