The Warta Mouth Landscape Park
The Park was created in 1996, initially covering the area of about 28,500 hectares. After the national park was established within its limits in 2001, the landscape park was reduced to 20,600 hectares. The purpose of founding the Warta Mouth Landscape Park was the preservation of the natural beauty of a large river typical valley together with edges surrounding the uplands. The park landscape is dominated by vast fields, fens, oxbow lakes, slopes and edges of the Toruń-Eberswalde Urstromtal (a wide glacial valley). The diversity and specificity of habitats and minimal human interference create favorable conditions for the waterfowl. The landscape park is separated from the flood zone for the most part and it complements the aquatic habitats of the adjacent national park, the two areas forming a complementarily functional space.
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