Fort Czarnów
Fort Czarnów was built in the years 1888–90. Its shape and localization were relevant to the need of control over the main communication routes within the area of the Kostrzyn Fortress– in this case, the roads to Skwierzyna and Międzyrzecz– along with the possibility to engage, should the need arise, all cannons on fighting enemy artillery. In 1914, the fort was transformed into a point of resistance for an infantry company. The now devastated facility in post-war years was further demolished by the local population who used it as a source of construction materials. It has been turned into an ecological reserve. Yet, it is worth looking inside: the ruins provide an interesting cross-section of a fort, presenting the characteristic construction technologies typical for the period, especially the method of combining red brick walls with sand “cushions” over which protective layers of concrete were poured.
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