Seelow is a county town of an administrative district Märkisch- Oderland in Brandenburg State, Germany with approximately 5,5 thousand citizens living in the town of 42 km². It takes about 60 km to get from Seelow to Belin and 16 km to the Polish border. The town is famous for its Battle of the Seelow Heights commemorated in 27 Nolvember 1945 by raising a monument dedicated to the dreadful event.

Monuments and tourist attractions of the area

1. Friedersdorf Church - Possibility of visiting after booking a date.

2. The Commandry's manor house and the lake Küchensee.

3. Lakes surrounding Falkenhagen

4. Watermill in Worin -

5. The Old Steam Bakery in the Church District

6. Council Halls

7. Seelow Parish Church

8. The Swiss House Manor
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