Birds' Trail
6:58 h
27.9 km
Birds’ Trail (Ptasi Szlak). From Kamień Mały, go through Kostrzyn or use the Warta ferry ear Witnica to get to Słońsk. There, on the roundabout in the center of the village, there are signs poining to the birdwatching trail. They will guide you through Przyborów to a road made of concrete slabs (hence its popular name: Betonka) and further, to a large hexagonal rainshelter and a parking area. From there, you can go on the 2.5-kilometer walk, passing through the most precious habitats of the Warta Mouth National Park: its floodplain meadows with low grassy vegetation. On the trail, there are information boards and a viewing platform. At the end, there is an ornithological lookout. Return the same way. The walk there and back will take ca. 2 hours.
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