Naturalists’ Club – Meadow Museum
A protected area of the Świebodzin Naturalist Club in Owczary, covering an area of 18 hectares is located South of Górzyca, on the slopes of the post- glacial valley. Its purpose is to protect the xerophilus steppe grasses– an unusual plant formation at this geographical latitude which evolved due to the south- western exposure of the area, that heats up to 70° C in summer. Visitors can also see other unique species of flora here. In order to maintain species diversity, protective measures are taken to inhibit the expansion of trees and shrubs. One of these measures is sheep grazing (the sheep belong to the primitive breed of sheep called wrzosówka presently dying out in Poland). The place looks its best in May and June, when the Stipa grass species is blooming, creating the image of a rippling soft carpet. We recommend to start the walk from the Meadow Museum in Owczary (municipality of Górzyca) from where starts a path crossing the grassland with a length of approx. 2 km.

Naturalists’ Club – Meadow Museum (Muzeum Łąki)
Owczary 17,
tel.: +48 95 7591220,
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